Skills Audit and PDP

Personal development plan is helpful to make own learning strategy as well as it will help me to identify my weaknesses and some areas which I have to develop. Also I will able to analyse skills which I have developed and which one needs to improve. I have experienced about some skills such as communication (written), cultural sensitivity in my previous life. However I need more experience except of these skills. During my main course I would like to improve my time management, core business and decision making skills which I mentioned it in my Personal Development Plan. In addition, I have target date which shows approximately when I will merge these skills. I have learned about team-working, responsibility, problem solving and analytical skills during my previous education and during my Pre-Sessional English course at Coventry University London Campus. My main course will be more beneficial in my future life. In addition, end of my modules I will get more useful and critical skills which it will be helpful to succeed in my career goal. In conclusion, I have own development objectives as well as my colleagues and tutors will support me all the times to achieve my future plans.

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