My experience about writing a Literature review

Nowadays, it was first time which i wrote literature review. Literature review helps to me to identify extent ideas,information, methods which that may be relevant for my project, also it demonstrates the depth of my knowledge about research ( Gould 2011). Before start my literature i did a lot of research on the websites and on the books. My general topic was to open indoor game center in Liverpool Street. At least, i found information and after that i combined all data together. My research covered all aspects of PESTEL analyse and Liverpool Street that is why I planned how to write my literature review and decided to put PESTEL analysis. According to George and Stonehouse Bill Houston (2012)  PESTEL analysis is essential for existing and for new companies because this framework helps to determine macro environmental factors. I found a lot of interesting information on the internet such as to use paintball guns are controlling by the government also Paintball Sport Federation co operates with government. Liverpool Street Station is the most crowded station in the UK within 234.000 visitors per day. It means more people more customers and more customers more profits.

In addition, we got together with group-members and discussed how we should to write and what is the main point in our review. At the end of my literature review , i decided to open a indoor game center in Liverpool Street is sensible investment because all factors had positive effect on the company. Also writing a literature review taught me how to avoid from plagiarism and i tried to do my best.


Stonehouse, G, Houston, B, & Houston, B 2003, Business Strategy (2), Routledge, Saint Louis, US [ Viewed 29 Oct 2016]

Steve Gould. 2011. 1.04 How to write a literature review. [ONLINE] Available at: [Viewed 01 Nov 2016].

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