I have experience of developing a questionnaire analyse

In this blog I will extent my experience of questionnaire analysis. After literature review we did questionnaire with group mates as well as everyone has to write own description about questionnaire. In our group, we made 14 questions which are related to indoor game center in Liverpool street area. Firstly, we started with gender of people after that we asked age and occupation. These kind of questions’ aim is getting a information for base data. According to, this questions help to company to find out target costumers and their lifestyle in future.Next questions were hearing about paintball game such as have you ever heard about that game or from where did you know it? In addition, this information is useful to choose advertising methods. Forthcoming questions are more personally, for instance, how often do you play or with whom would you like to play paintball? 
Next questions help to determine us what kind of facilities or area we have to make it. Our questions have a lot of aims but main aims are interests of people and how we should make or improve our game center. The next reason is finding out which type of advertising methods we need. End of survey it will be clarify for all reasons as well as we will able to think about to open paintball game center. In conclusion, all questions are clear and simply to answer as well as it will be helpful. As we know, Liverpool street station is overcrowded area  that’s why to open a indoor game center is reasonable. 

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