Analyse my experience of collecting and analysing data

Firstly, after questionnaire we requested to make a survey between people about to open an indoor game center. Aim to ask questions to find out our future prospects and to measure our feasibility of game center. 

In our group, before starting to make an online survey, we made a methodology for data where is included our purpose to ask questions. Our survey finished successfully as we predicted so we got 65 respondents. As expected, we had mix gender of respondents and their answers helped us to make a decision about game center. Approximately, each group member had to brought 10 responses to our survey. 

We started to ask to people from gender type of questions to how long time people want to play paintball game.After collecting data, we requested that we need to merge and analyse our results. To analyse data it was not easy as predicted, because we supposed that everyone has information about this game also everyone will be interested in. However, “tastes differ” that is why answers were different from each other that’s why we had to explain their answers and we need to support our purpose. After all of these, we separated graphs,charts for each individual group member as well as we added some main information to our presentation slides. 

To collect data and analysing data is not simple as we think. Otherwise, it helped to us how to make a survey also which information would be useful for our business idea. To summarize, we decided that to open a paintball game center is feasible around Liverpool Street. 


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