Analyse my experience of presenting my own research

At the end of week 6, we were requested to make a presentation as a group but each member of group had own research area as well as slides. To make this presentation took a lot of time because we merged all information which we collected during all term such as literature review and online survey. 

Firstly, we started with overview of paintball game then we gave brief information about literature review and after that we mentioned our background of business as well as introduction. Secondly, we decided that research methodology divided 3 main parts:

  1. Research Technique ( Questionnaire Survey Method)
  2. Data Type (Quantitative Research Data)
  3. Question Type (Closed questions and Short Answers)

During our seminar our tutor gave us some tips to find information about our research and how to use it on our work. Also it helped us to fix our mistakes as well as we learned how to deal with data. In my part, i talked about some result of questions in our survey.In addition, I explained that why we asked these type of questions and how these questions correlate to our business. I discovered that my some skills such as speaking and making a presentation improved. 

At the end of our presentation my group mate talked about conclusion. Also mate explained that feasibility of opening an indoor game center around Liverpool Street. 

In conclusion, presentation examiners asked some questions about our survey, especially, in my part teacher focused on some questions to be sure the result of research and they gave us some advice.


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