Analysing developed areas and my priorities for the upcoming term

As a post-graduate student of Coventry University London Campus it is the my last blog for this term . In this post, I will analyse what kind of skills I have gained during the first semester and what is my prediction for next term. 

First of all, as a graduate student of engineering faculty of Marine Academy , at the beginning of the main course I had some trouble to understand everything clearly but with attending lectures and seminars I got accustomed to study and acquired new skills. In addition, I made some friends as well as it helped me to work as a group. 

Secondly, when we made Personal Development Plan I found out my weaknesses and strengths such as decision making skills, time management, core business, communication skills and team-working. We were separated into groups in our class to make a group work. We had to open a paintball indoor game center around Liverpool Street. When I wrote literature review, it showed that how are my abilities about doing some strategic analysis. At the end of term I defined my improved skills so I decided to find some priorities for the next term. 

In the first term, I defined that my still existing problem is time management that’s why next term I will attempt to do everything on time. However, I gained good communication and data handling skills as well. 

To conclude, I hope next term I will improve my other weaknesses such as flexibility, enterprising and project management skills. As in the first term, we are going to find out improvement needed skills and how to achieve to aim in the upcoming term. 

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